How to Wash Tennis Shoes Properly

Many people fear cleaning their tennis shoes as they thought it would be tiresome and stressful. They do not bother on cleaning it. They just use them until it accumulated so much dirt and then throwing it away. They do not know that there are easy ways on how to clean these shoes. So, if you are wondering, here are easy steps on how to wash tennis shoes properly.

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Two different methods of washing

Tennis shoes can be washed using a washing machine or you can just hand wash it. Same results will be achieved as both method can clean your tennis shoes easily and completely.

Using a washing machine

There are variations of the steps depending on the method you want to use. However, both methods will start with brushing off excess and loose dirt on the surface of your tennis shoes. This step should not be skipped for it helps on the efficiency of the washing. If you choose to wash them in a washing machine, here are the steps you need to follow:

Wash Shoe laces separately

Wash Insoles separately

Place the shoes in the washing machine

Dry off the shoes

Hand Washing

You can choose hand washing your tennis shoes if you are afraid that your shoes will be damaged when placed in the washing machine. Same approach will be used to clean the shoe laces and the insoles. You should choose the appropriate cleaning solution for the type of fabric of your shoes.

If there are still unnecessary odors from the shoe after cleaning them, you need to use baking soda solution to soak the insoles. You only need to wash the insoles since this accumulates sweat and dirt that gives the bad smell.

These are the easy methods that will guarantee you a good as new tennis shoes. After following these steps, you will not worry about dirty tennis shoes anymore.

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