Soprano Ukulele Vs. Concert Ukulele: How Tone Differs?

This can be explained through a real life experience. How? Have you ever shouted your name in a hollow room? Have realized the sound is echoing? Yes, that’s the same case happening here. Now, have you ever shouted, standing on an empty valley? If the answer is yes, now differentiate between the incidents. In both of the cases, have you heard the same reflection of sound? The answer is certainly no. Now, the question is why? Probably, you know the answer. Because of the theory of sound reflection. In short, the reflective wall depends how loudly you can hear the sound.

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Before going to further discuss, it is necessary to know, what’s the purpose of the making soprano vs concert ukulele. The size, as you know already. Among all other reasons, there is another reason why you should select soprano or Concert. Children love to sing but for them it is impossible to carry the heavy ukulele and play it at the same time. That’s why soprano ukulele, with light weight features, is being introduced. While making those light weighted ukulele, it is for sure, you can’t use heavy wood to manufacture it.

If you observe carefully, all the soprano wood in the world is made of sapele wood and rosewood. Moreover light weighted woods are being used to manufacture the side, top, neck and the fingerboard. Why? Because these are the light woods and easy for the children to carry. On the other hand, concert ukulele is made of hard mahogany wood. As density of the wall matters when it comes to sound reflection, then soprano and concert must have Differences in tone too. So, you need to know how your fingers are and what sounds are best for your song or music. Choosing the instrument according to demand will be the best option.









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